Hudl How-To Videos

Watch these short videos to help you get up to speed with Hudl.

Record and Upload

Track Stats

Watch and Review Video

The Video Library

Review and Share

Season Prep and Team Management

Manage and Share Video

Breakdown, Stats and Reports

Add Custom Tags

1 min

Track the stats you want with cus­tom tags.

Tag Video

1 min

Link your video to stats by tag­ging your game with Hudl.

Analyze Reports for Soccer 

2 min

Reports are the per­fect start­ing place for ana­lyz­ing per­for­mance, scout­ing oppo­nents, prepar­ing for film review and cre­at­ing high­lights. Learn about the reports you get when match­es are tagged.

Tag Video for Soccer

2 min

Add stats to your video so you can quick­ly nav­i­gate to key moments. Learn how to do it – live at the match or after the it’s over. 

Volleyball | Submit a Game to Hudl Assist

3 min

Submit your game to Hudl Assist and let our pro­fes­sion­al ana­lysts break down your video. 

Goals Report

2 min

Set team-based goals and track them through­out the season. 

Trends Report

1 min

The trends report allows you to track the progress of any stat over the course of the season. 

Stats Report

2 min

Dig into your stats report to see tra­di­tion­al stats like kills and digs and cal­cu­lat­ed stats like side-out per­cent­age or ser­vice win­ning percentage. 

Share Your Stats

1 min

Save your report as a PDF and email it to a local news­pa­per, an athlete’s par­ents or anoth­er coach.

Create Playlists from Reports

2 min

Use data in your reports to dri­ve your video review. 

A Guide to Volleyball Reports

2 min

No mat­ter how you track stats, Hudl will gen­er­ate pow­er­ful reports to bring those num­bers to life. 

Box Score Report

1 min

The box score report gives you a basic sum­ma­ry of team and play­er stats from a sin­gle game. 

Add Custom Tags

1 min

Track what mat­ters most to your team with cus­tom tags. 

Attack Tendencies

3 min

See your stats. See your film. Now see even more with attack tendencies.

Highlights and Recruiting

Online Classes